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Recent Blog Posts | When cars are your Passion!

  • We Love Springtime

    March 5, 2013
    Car enthusiasts just love the springtime. We get to get our rides out of the garage, clean them up and get ready to show them off. It is great therapy to be out in the sunshine, washing and waxing your car. After being cooped-up inside all winter, it provides an opportunity to actually accomplish something useful!
  • The Generosity of Car Enthusiasts

    October 26, 2009
    One of the amazing “ah-ha's” I have had since I started the website is recognizing the great generosity of car enthusiasts everywhere. It is very amazing and heartwarming to see the large number of Car Shows that donate their proceedings to various national and local charities and community outreach programs. I recently reviewed each of the over 300 car show on my site, and I found that well over 30% of those car shows have listed a specific charity that they are donating either all or a portion of their procedures towards.
  • Car Show Attendee Etiquette: Six Rules for Enjoying a Scratch Free Car Show

    August 14, 2009
    I recently returned from a fun-filled car show with my shiny black Mustang GT, I pull into my garage and got ready to put my car under its custom fitted car cover, only to discover a couple of new scratches on my paint, plus a sticky, gooey full handprint on the front fender. How did all these scratches get on my cars? Who left their sticky gooey handprint all over my car?
  • The "dessert" of the car show buffet

    July 23, 2009
    I love to attend car shows with my family. It is great to walk around and see each of the cars, all shined-up and looking good. But, there is more to a nice ride other than the outward looks. As they say, it is what’s on the inside that really counts… One of those most-important “inside” qualities is how the car sounds. In my book, that is one of the most critical aspects of having an all-around great show car. Although it may not be part of the judging criteria, it is one of my criteria for an overall great car.

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